What happens when you order?

We do NOT print until you have approved your art!

Questions? call us at 800-434-2332, M-F 7:30-3:30 PST

1) If you are a returning customer and select to reprint a previous order, we add your job to the queue for printing.

2) For new orders the first thing we do for you is create a folder to save your art in. Then we load the template you selected in your order and save it to that folder.

3) Now we make the changes to your artwork as you requested in the order instructions.

4) We email you a copy of the art for approval/changes.

5) When you approve the art we add your job to the print queue.

6) When the printing process is complete we ship your order to you, usually via UPS.

7) This whole process normally takes 5-10 business days for offering envelopes, 8-14 business days for door hangers and tracts.