Return and Refund Policy

Policy Validity and Version

Our policy lasts 30 days from the date of product delivery. We will not accept a return, produce a reprint, or offer you a refund if we receive your request more than 30 days after delivery was made.

This policy is subject to change. Your return will be handled according to the terms specified in version that was current as of the date of your invoice. This version is valid from July 5th, 2019. The previous version was valid from [no previous version].

How to Make a Return

    Before you ship the product back to us, first:
  • Send an email to
  • Subject line: "Invoice [your invoice #] Return Request"
  • Give a brief description of the issue in your own words. State your desired resolution.
  • Please attach a picture documenting the issue if it is something that will be discernable in a photograph.

Returning your Product

  • If your return is approved, the entire quantity must be shipped back to us in the condition you received it.
  • If the return is approved and we are at fault as described below we will pay ofr return shipping.
  • We recommend using a trackable shipping service such as UPS, FedEx, or Priority Mail.

Conditions of Eligibility for a Reprint or Refund

Whether your order qualifies for a refund or a reprint in whole or in part will be determined at our discretion based on the following:

These are the conditions under which your order may be eligible for return or a full or partial refund:

  1. Your order was not produced according to the specifications of the invoice or specifications agreed upon in subsequent written communications. Some examples of failure to meet specification include:
    • Printed in the wrong ink color (Spot Ink printing only)
    • Printed on the wrong type or color of paper
    • The product was not trimmed, folded, or die-cut as specified
    • The product was coated with the wrong finish
    • The wrong version of the artwork was used
    • The printing on one side is incorrectly oriented as compared to the other side
    • The printing is incomplete (a side that should have an imprint is blank)
    • The wrong version of the artwork was used
  2. The quality of the product is poor. Examples may include that more than 10% of the total quantity exhibits:
    • Smudges or fingerprints of ink, grease, dirt, etc.
    • Creased or ripped paper
    • Envelopes that will not stay glued shut or are excessively warped
    • Imprint that is crooked or skewed excessively
    • The die-cut is off by more than 1/8" or not completely through
    • Your product was damaged in transit rendering more than 10% of the batch unusable
    • The delivery deadline for a rush order was not met. If you wish to retain the product then you will be refunded the difference in price between what you paid for the rush order and what you would have paid for a regular order.

Products Ineligible for a Reprint or Refund

Most of the products that we offer are customized for your use and so we can not simply restock the item for sale to another customer. Because of this we will generally decline a request for a return unless your order meets an eligibility requirement from the previous section. Situations where you order will definitely not qualify for a return or refund include:

  • Your order has already been printed.
  • We do not accept returns for buyer's remorse.
    1. Examples of buyers remorse are:
    2. You changed your mind about or simply don't like the size, paper thickness, or any other detail that was specified in information that was made available to you.
    3. You don't need the product anymore or decided to get it from another source.
    4. If you found an error in the approved artwork after it was printed then you will need to order a replacement batch at your cost. We may offer a discount at our discretion.
    5. For full-color printing: orders produced from your own submitted artwork that did not come out as you expected in that they are too dark/light or have large color/tone shifts (what you see on your screen while designing it is not an infallible representation of how it looks printed onto paper).

If you haven't received your refund

We will typically issue a refund within 24 hours of making the decision to do so. It will probably take several more days for the transaction to post in your account. If you are not sure that you've received your refund, then:

  1. Double-check your statement to make sure you did not miss the transaction record.
  2. Contact your card issuer to see how long it typically takes before a refund is posted.
  3. If you haven't received the refund in the time given by your card issuer then contact us at and we will confirm whether we've issued the refund yet.