If you would like to design your own artwork it should measure 11.125 x 4.375 inches. The final cut size will be 11 x 4.25 inches. The art should be created and exported at 300 DPI resolution in CMYK color. Important text or images that should not be cut/punched should be located at least 0.2 inches away from the cut/punch lines. Exact placement of the die-cut is approximate so do not indicate it's location on the art. The area should be filled-in as if it wasn't being punched at all. If you are submitting exported images, please submit one image each of the front and back.

You may submit the file as:

  • JPG, TIFF, or PNG (full size, 300DPI, Greyscale)
  • Adobe Illustrator (convert all text to outlines)
  • CorelDraw Ver. 12 or earlier (convert all text to curves)
  • PDF (covert all text to outlines/curves before saving as to prevent font issues)

If you only wish to create mock-up art to guide our design you may submit the file as any of the above or:

  • Microsoft Word
  • OpenOffice or LibreOffice
  • MS Publisher
  • Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw
If you are creating your own print-ready design:
    The entire 11 x 4.25 inch surface may be printed upon. Any background color or images that you wish to have printed all the way to the edge should extend 0.0625 inches beyond that edge for a total bleed-sized art piece measuring 11.125 x 4.375 inches (11 x 4.25 inches + 0.0625 inches extra on all sides). Do not indicate the location of the door knob hole. We recommend that most text be sized at least 10 points for best readability.
If you are modifying one of our designs:
Before it may become necessary to remove existing elements in order to create more space, a template may usually be able to include:
  • A couple more lines of church information,service times, ministries, or other information.
  • A slightly larger logo, map, or other graphical element.
  • A slightly longer version of the plan of salvation or the church introduction.
  • Etc.
Edits are generally limited only by available space. Most templates already contain close to the maximum amount of information possible before the lines become too close together or the text size is too small to comfortably read. Therefore it is suggested that for the most part you do not request a lot more information to be included on a template than is already there. It's best to start by changing existing items before adding new ones. If you need even more info included but feel you may be running out of space, try looking at the design and decide if there are elements that you could do without. Little changes, such as removing a dividing line, can often free a good bit of space.
What Happens When You Order?

As low as 12.44¢ each (5000 @ $622.00, price before shipping).

A Must-Have Witnessing Tool For Any Soul-Winning Ministry

    Deliver the Gospel to every door. With the full plan of salvation as well as your church's contact information and service times printed in beautiful full color, door hangers are the perfect tool for anyone involved in door-to-door outreach

  • Your church's name, address and service time on the front
  • The complete plan of salvation on the back
  • Full color on both front and back
  • Jumbo size (11 x 4.25 inches)
  • Printed on attractive and durable 16PT stock with AQ gloss coating. 

We can customize just about everything

Your logo (see Art Specifications tab), your choice of one of our stock logos, or the choice to remove the logo entirely

Idioma / Language: English Spanish
Dimensions 11" x 4.25"
Layout We can change anything about the layout that you want: • Add/remove categories • Change name/address • Add your logo
Box The quantity of 500 and 1000 will ship all together in one box. Quantities of 2500 and 5000 may ship in 2 or 3 boxes, possibly of unequal weight.

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