About Us

Local Church Publishing - Providing Quality Publishing to Missionaries, Church Planters and Churches. Promoting The Bible, The Gospel, and The King James Issue.

Local Church Publishing was started in the spring of 1992. It has served many churches by providing their printing, graphical layout, and printing related needs.

Scott Gregson was burdened about the quality of printed materials that were in common use by local churches he knew of. He decided to do something about it. God blessed with many resources and help!

Today, Local Church Publishing prints most of what your church needs from visitor cards to Perfect bound books.

How Scott was inspired to start LCP - Scott was serving in the US Air Force when he was reassigned to West Germany. Shortly after arriving in Germany, he received the Lord as his savior. The Lord used an acquaintance to lead Scott to Eifel Baptist Church. Eifel had a serviceman's center above the church.

Within a few months, Scott moved into the serviceman's center at Eifel Baptist Church. One day, while the guys were doing maintenance on the building, a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses came by and tried to ply their materials. It was then that Scott noticed that the materials that the JW's were handing out was really high in quality. He realized that many churches were using mimeographed tracts - the thought rankled him. It was that thought that led to Scott establishing LCP.